PL jewelry is owned and operated by Peter Littau and focuses on military bracelets and accessories, with the aim of gathering funds for veteran organizations that support veterans and their families where needed.
PL jewelry donate 25% of the sales price of our bracelets to various veterans organizations.

Peter Littau is a Captain in the Danish Army and a veteran himself, having been deployed to Bosnia twice, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.


Orders are dispatched within 5 working days, unless otherwise described under the product. The orders are sent  with PostNord and are expected to arrive at destination within 7 business days.
Orders with optional engraving, such as NATO, UN and NoName beads has a longer time of delivery, as described below.
Therefore, please have patience.

When orders include beads, the complete order will be sent when the bead is finished.

Size when ordering.

When you order a bracelet, we ask for tight meassuement around the wrist.
We add 3 cm to the total bracelet, and this will fit most.
For example: Your wrist meassures 18 cm! We will send a bracelet that measures 21 cm. (paracord and jewelry together)
Should we make a mistake, or you are ordering as a gift, without being sure on the size, so we will switch at no extra charge.

Orders with engraving.

Engraved orders, such as NATO, the UN and the No-Name bead can not be exchanged or refunded, unless we make a mistake in the order.
All engravings are done with the displayed “font” (hightower text), but there will often be differences in the ordered beads in both text size and appearance.

Are you interested in a new logo, or have special requests, please contact us at

 GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation 

At PL jewelry, we believe that everyone has the right to a private life. Therefore, we use only the personal data to send orders, or if there should be any questions in relation to a given order.
Our extremely rare newsletters will be sent only to those signs up to receive it.

Full description of our GDPR, can be found here here.