Bracelets telling your story

Made to support Veterans.

All regimental logos are in stock and sent within three working days.

Beads ordered before 9 April will be sent out mid May.

Next production of beads and logos, will begin May 7th and will be sent no later than six weeks later.

25 % are donated in support of Veterans

At PL jewelry we have seen first hand, that there are many Veterans suffering from the effects of incidents and experiences while trying to help others. Therefore we donate 25 % per sold bracelet to Veteran support organizations.

Unit bracelets

We specialize in making bracelets with personal meaning. To show who you are, what you believe in and where you've been.


Bracelets from PL jewelry are made so items can be added and changed.

The jewelry on our bracelets also work as the bracelet buckle and the knitted paracord can be taken off and exchanged. Therefore it is also possible to have different color knitted paracord for the same jewelry.

Beads for the knitted paracord, and some jewelry can be engraved and we will continuously develop new products.   


"The bracelet fits perfectly. Really beautiful - THANKS." 

(Ordered the sergeant major bracelet.)


"I have have previously been disappointed when receiving bracelets, bought online, but I have now received your bracelet and it's crazy cool and detailed. Now I also want the mission beads."

(Ordered the Dragoon regiment bracelet)


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