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All our bracelets are in stock and shipped within 3 working days.


Orders of engraved beads:
Deadline for orders are 4. October (Extended to 7. October), with delivery mid November.
Deadline for orders are 4. November, with delivery mid December.(Christmasorder)

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Featured collection

25% are donated to veteransupport. In 2018 and 2019 we collected more than 127.000 DKK.

PL jewelry has personally seen that more veterans are in need of help after their experiences while deployed for Denmark. Therefore, we donate 25% of the sales price for every sold bracelet to veteransupport organizations.

Regiment and unit bracelets

We specialize in making bracelets, which tells who you are, what matters to you and where you have been.

The store is web based and has no physical address.

Letters can be sent to:

Bygaden 27

2625 Vallensbæk, Denmark

Telephone and mail:
+45 40 31 31 31

No fixed times.