Thin Blue Line Denmark

PL jewelry has in collaboration with the Thin Blue Line Denmark, designed a bracelet, sold with the purpose of raising money for the association.

The knitted bracelet is made og military paracord and the jewelry, which also function as the colosing on the bracelet is cast in both sterling silver and bronze.

The price of the bracelets is 400 kr. of which 25% will be donated entirely to the Thin Blue Line Denmark, in order to support their work.

Thin Blue Line Denmark is a non-profit support association, which aims to provide financial support to police officers and other employees of the police, who are injured in the service. The association may also provide financial support to the employee's nearest relatives and the bereaved. The association is run on a volunteer basis by officers and other employees of the police.

Read more on the association's Facebook page.

Explanation of the symbols included in the Thin Blue Line the Anniversary logo:

1: The thin blue line, symbolizing the thin cordon of blue uniforms that stand between citizens and in society's shadows.

2: A man with outstretched arms. This symbolizes the shorter distance between the police and citizens - an essential thing which the association is working hard to achieve. Furthermore it is desired focus on the human being behind the uniform.

3: The blue loop. A bow which symbolizes unity, loyalty and support. Concepts such as Thin Blue Line Denmark has always tried to keep at the very forefront of their work.