Veteranfoundation is a private initiative, behind the festival, ENGAGE. Their purpose is to support Danish veterans and their families. This means people deployed to war and disaster zones on behalf of Denmark. It includes employees and former employees from Defense, Emergency, Police, ministries, agencies and similar organizations.

With ENGAGE festival, the goal of the Veteranfoundation is to make it a nationwide event, that reaches out to all veterans in Denmark. It is also to create a business platform, that will create jobs for veterans and partly to generate a profit for the fund, which must then be donated veteran organizations that exist in Denmark.

ENGAGE festival is run by volunteer veterans and Veterans has free admission to the festival. All are welcome to the party that aims to create the framework for a good day where both veterans and non-veterans can meet in an informal and cosy setting.

ENGAGE website
Veteranfondens website

Show that you support the Danish veterans.

In collaboration with ENGAGE festival, PL jewelry has designed a bracelet, with the ENGAGE logo and showing the festival's four main objectives:

Recognition: H┼Ćnor
Information: Informatio
Community: Communitas
Collection: Collectio

The triangle that separates the four purposes is the Veteranfountation logo.

The knitted bracelet is made of military paracord and the jewelry, which also function as the closing on the bracelet is cast in both sterling silver and bronze.
Beads with ENGAGE and year is also cast in sterling silver and bronze.

The price of the bracelets is 300 kr. of which 25% of the price is donated entirely to ENGAGE in order to support their work with veterans.